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The Rooboard Balance Trainer Promise

The Rooboard Balance Trainer Promise



You will increase your core strength.
You will increase your balance and stability.
You will not break your Rooboard.


At least 15 minutes of exercise four times per week or 30 minutes once a week and two 15 minute sessions.
To complete four Rooboard video workouts per week.
To only use your Rooboard for fitness training and not as a dog toy or a gutter ramp for your Harley or anything else that doesn’t involve fitness training.
To be honest about your training. We will ask for your training log.


That you will lose weight. We designed an amazing product and it will help you lose weight but we have no control over what you eat. The Rooboard does not come with a nutrition programme. We do however; recommend you burn the calories you consume and if you want to lose weight, burn a few more. Eating is fun, we don’t want ruin this for you.
That the graphics on the deck of the Rooboard will last forever, the Rooboard will but the graphics will fade and wear off with usage. A lot of usage!


If you do not increase your core strength, balance, fitness and stability within 30 days and you have completed at least four Rooboard workouts per week – your money back*.
If you break your Rooboard – a replacement or your money back under the Rooboard warranty*.

*Money back offers apply to Rooboards purchased from Surfgym (UK) and Rooboard USA.