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Why balance?


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Power and strength.




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Lean muscle definition.




“We tried every balance product on the market and none met our specific needs. Why not make it we thought. It took two years for us to design the best tool for our fitness, balance and sporting specific requirements. It worked so well we had to share it.” Mason Gilmour-Platt


Our philosophy or ‘core belief’ is based around simplicity. Perfect core strength, muscular symmetry, balance and functional fitness should be easily achieved. It should be fun and not constrained by time, facilities or access to equipment.


With training our balance and stability can improve markedly. These subtle changes in the way our body moves around its centre of gravity and the speed in which it does so, can have a huge impact in our quality of life and sporting performances.

Balance training is functional. This means we are engaging several muscle groups at the same time using a natural flow and transition through the movements. Strength training usually involves isolating a single muscle while we apply stress to it. When we add the balance component we also engage the stabiliser muscles.

Balance and stability training will improve our posture, lower back strength, reactions, range of motion and functional strength. It will also improve our sporting performances. For sports like surfing, snowboarding and skating, balance training should be a vital part of every training programme.

The Rooboard balance board has been designed to make balance training fun, affordable and portable. The small size means it can be transported easily. The non-sink design also means it can be used on almost any surface. It can be used for balance, core, HIIT and strength workouts making it the most versatile balance board on the market. View some of the design features here. The Rooboard also has an excellent selection of workouts and exercises for your every need.

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Why did I invent the Rooboard?

Why did I invent the Rooboard