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Why I founded a small start-up to design a fitness product

I work in community development for a large London based housing association and design strategy to enable communities to connect, work, develop and increase wellbeing. Before this I spent sixteen years in the health and fitness industry, an industry I still have a very strong affinity with.

I also have a passion for fitness, especially functional fitness and body weight training. As a life long surfer I know the importance of physical power, speed and balance in my sport and I know how to train for it.

I feel like I have tried almost every exercise, every fad and every piece of fitness equipment over the last decade. Some have been great, others woeful and many have been pure infomercial marketing scams.

At differing times I have been extremely fit, muscled, strong and flexible. What I am now is balanced and at 42 years of age I feel I am in the best all round shape of my life.

The catalyst for this was designing and instructing my own fitness programme called Surfgym and from that designing my own fitness product called Rooboard.

Why I founded a small start-up to design a fitness productSurfgym is a surfing inspired fitness programme for complete body fitness using the equipment I love to train with. While Surfgym itself was popular and I loved teaching the classes, the equipment itself was difficult to transport and some of it was quite dangerous for first time users.

This made me research what the single best piece of equipment would be to perform the whole Surfgym class on and enable the participant to train in their own time and location. When I realised the equipment I wanted and needed was not available I decided to design and produce it myself.

I did not set out to be a start-up founder or fitness product designer – those things just happened because I have a passion for fitness and wellbeing and the Rooboard is the culmination of a significant stage of that journey.

I still work full-time and I love my job. Like most of us I want to grow, develop and succeed in all areas of my life and career. The Rooboard is my entrepreneurial motivation and my constant travel companion. I use it every day, it travels on the London tube almost everyday.

The Rooboard is my fitness product and I designed it for everyone who is as passionate about health and fitness as I am.

Mason Gilmour